Saving The World-One Person At A Time

images (13)Today I spoke with a teen who told me that she “wants to save the world.” ¬†She made me smile to myself, and I thought about how she and I share a common goal. I also feel a passion for “saving the world”. I want people to be happy and well, and to treat themselves with respect and let that self-respect ripple outward like gentle movements of water when touched by a falling leaf. I want to leave everyone I encounter feeling a little better, whether they are family, friends, clients, or strangers. Speaking with this young woman reminded me that there a good, caring people all around, of all ages.

We hear so much bad news…the stories of riots in various cities around our download (9)country has lately been high in the news. Stories of severe weather and climate change are around us all year-long. We hear stories of people being unkind, dangerous, and completely without regard for themselves or others every day. But we don’t hear enough about people, young or old, who want to help others. We don’t hear enough about the people who are quietly determined to “save the world.” I’ve often thought this, have commented on it here in my blog before, and now more than ever believe that we should have a “good news station” where people are celebrated for the good that they do.

download (10)Can any one person save the world? That is a huge task, and not one that any of us can likely accomplish. But we can, like Mother Theresa, love people as individuals. We can acknowledge that everyone we meet is worthy of love and respect. We can treat everyone as though they are doing the very best they can do (because I believe everyone is doing their best). We can each wake up every day committed to loving and respecting ourselves first, the people we are close to second, and anyone we encounter as if we are all precious. Because we are are all precious. We are all carrying our own burden of self-doubts and fears and desires and dreams. We are all capable of greatness, and we are all capable of making the world a better place, even if we only do it one person at a time.

This young woman I mentioned earlier had a long list of things that she is images (14)grateful for. Gratitude for one’s gifts is a beautiful way to change the world. Taking to time to appreciate the big and small miracles around us is a way to change the world. Staying positive when all around is negativity is a good way to change the world. Being genuine in a world full of superficial materialism is a good way to change the world. Being kind in the face of unkind acts, returning hatred with love, are good ways to change the world.

Don’t ever believe that you lack power. We are all powerful beyond anything images (15)we can imagine. Exercise your power today, and leave someone better than before they knew you.

If you would like to reach out to me and get help changing yourself, so that you are more able to save the world, call me at: 831-214-8087. I’d be happy to make time for you in my schedule.

Wishing you belief in the goodness of young people, and the ability to change the world.


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