Christmas Busies

310048508_84f87f613b_oChristmas busies….today is December 11th. There are 13 days until Christmas, 14 if you count today. I’ve spent the morning shopping on-line, getting those gifts ordered that I know the people on my gift list want and or need. I still have house decorations to put out. I still have grocery shopping to do. I need to clean the house and want to organize my Christmas wrap before I begin wrapping gifts. There is still baking to do. Gifts to wrap. Christmas parties to attend and co-workers to shop for. My goodness…this time of year is such a busy time. If you are feeling the crunch…if you are feeling overwhelmed, know that you are not alone.

My sister posted on Facebook recently that she is sick of the commercialism of Christmas. tree (1)I understand where she is coming from, but it has become a very commercialized holiday, not doubt about that. Many people put pressure on themselves to find the perfect gift for each person they care about. Many think that having the perfect holiday home is a must. And many more believe that Christmas is all about having the perfect church service, or creating the perfect Christmas memories.

Nativity_tree2011No. Absolutely not. This season is not about being perfect or giving perfectly or living perfectly. It is about the reality that we are not perfect….not any of us. It is about slowing down to care about each other’s imperfections. It is about the fact that we are all united in our imperfection, that we all are completely loved in our completely

un-lovable imperfection.

Yes, this is a busy time of year. Yes, you are imperfect. I know this, because I am also imperfect. I will be busy getting ready for my family holiday. ┬áI already know that I will fail at picking the perfect gifts….and that I will likely receive some imperfect gifts also. I know that my home will not be picture perfect on Christmas morning. I know that I will not attend the perfect holiday party, and that I will be perfectly imperfect in my party apparel. But I still try. Why? Because I want to express my love through gift giving, through decorating and cleaning my home so that those I share it with will enjoy it. I want to express my love through attending holiday parties and laughing with friends and appreciating their company. I want to express my love perfectly this holiday season, and I know that in my own quirky imperfect way, I will manage to communicate with the people who really matter to me what really matters to me.

I’m busy. You are busy. We are busy trying to perfect the season. I know I will slow down, images (6)and take time to appreciate the little things each day. I’ll slow down enough to listen to the sound of my cat purring on a cold winter night. I’ll slow down enough to squeeze in a workout, so that my party dress will hang a little nicer. I’ll slow down enough to cook a healthy meal or two amid the decadent holiday storm of food. I’ll slow down enough to capture some memories in my mind’s eye, and maybe on a camera, too. Please, in this time of busy holiday commitments, take time to slow down. Savor the little moments…the perfect ones and the imperfect ones. Breathe deeply into the winter days and nights and remind yourself that it is your imperfection that makes you unique, beautiful, and completely lovable.

Wishing you perfectly imperfect holiday cheer, this year and always.


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    You are SO smart

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