The Business of Beginning a Business

My office.

My office.

This has been a busy and productive week.  I’ve moved into my new office space, spent time and energy decorating it to create a homey yet professional environment.  I’ve had challenges during the week, and I will face more challenges ahead, I am sure.  Now comes the business of beginning a business.  I applied for and paid for my business license with the city of Hollister this morning.  That was easy, and not too expensive.  I have harder work ahead of me, work of building connections, of creating a presence that is trusted and that other professionals know they can refer to.  There will be many letters sent out with my contact information, to physicians and other mental health practitioners.  I am actively working to be accepted to as many PPO provider programs as possible.  I am planning a drop in open house sometime soon, probably the first week of October.  And I will be shaking lots of hands around town, letting all of the business people I regularly interact with that I, too, am running a business.  Cards will be handed out, invitations made to please consider referring people to me as a trusted, competent and caring professional.  Advertisements will be placed in local newspapers and I will make my presence known in this small town.   It’s hard work building a business.  I am ready for the hard work, and I am determined to build a solid reputation as a caring, holistic and professional Marriage and Family Therapist.

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