Gifts of The New Year

california-70053_640Today I am keenly aware of the many gifts that make my life so rich. December is a month to focus on gift giving, and sharing our abundance with others. January is sometimes a bit of a let down after the rush of the Christmas season. But January has many gifts to offer. Today, it’s a beautiful day in California. This time of year we often have cool nights and bright, sunny days. It was cool last night, cool enough to have the heater on and to cuddle up under some warm blankets. But today has been a beautiful day, sunny, mid 60’s, and the beauty of the day has inspired me to write about the gifts January has blessed me with.

Yesterday I picked about five pounds of lemons off my lemon tree. I love meyer-lemon-pudding-cakehaving organically grown produce right in my yard. The lemons are sweet Meyer lemons, and they are lovely as an accent to foods. I enjoy having some lemon juice squeezed into a glass of water first thing in the morning…it wakes me up, hydrates me, and refreshes me all at once. I will enjoy my lemons while they are here, and will share them with friends. The earth has given me the gift of lemons. Another gift is my rose garden. My roses usually stop blooming in November or December. I was sure mine were finished for the winter when we had a few frosty nights back in December. But my roses have continued to bud and blossom, giving me the most delightful surprises when I wander outside every morning.

images (16)Over the weekend, I was being a bit clumsy, and I fell over the dog gate we have separating our living room from our family room. I fell hard and awkwardly. My husband rushed to my side, worried I had seriously injured myself. I was badly shaken up, and a little bit bruised, but otherwise unharmed. The gift of mobility and strength is a gift that I’m aware of this January. What a blessing it is to be able to be mobile! When I think about how a broken limb would have slowed me down, I am joyful over the gift of my bones being intact and my ability to move being intact.

In a few days, my youngest “child” will turn 32. As I was contemplating that 2213147999_70aa16f47athis morning, I got tearful. I was remembering the day she was born as if it had been yesterday. I remembered holding my sweet second baby in my arms, looking into her eyes for the first time, and falling deeply in love. I pondered how time has passed so quickly, and yet a part of me will always be that young Mother, gazing into her newborn’s face. I became aware of the beauty of time, and grateful for the ability to “time travel” in my own memories. We are often so busy that we don’t take time to reminisce. Today I did, and it was a huge blessing.

download (12)This weekend my husband and I invested time in our relationship. We slowed down, gave each other ourĀ attention, and enjoyed each other’s company. This isn’t an unusual event for us, but since I’m talking about the gifts of January, the gift of presence is one that I must mention. If you have someone who you love in your life, be present when you are with them. Listen to them. Connect with your loved ones, and give yourself and them the gift of your presence.

Wherever you live, no matter what the weather offers you this time of year, I hope that you can take time to notice the gifts that January brings your way.

If you are struggling to recognize your gifts because of depression or anxiety or negative thinking, call me and I’ll be happy to help you change your focus: 831-214-8087.

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