Give The Gift Of You

christmas_gift_stackThis holiday season, give the gift of you. Know that there is nothing you can buy in a store that is more valuable to the people who love you, than your time and attention. Slow down and listen. Stop and give a hug or two. Take time to be fully present with the people you love, and you will be giving them something more precious than any gift that can be wrapped up in shiny paper and handed over.

Children don’t grow into adulthood remembering every time they got what they asked for Christmas. They don’t treasure memories of presents that were unwrapped on Christmas morning and then quickly forgotten about. Children take memories with them into adulthood about time spent together. Some of my personal favorite memories of my Mother are pretty simple times. I remember coming home from school on a hot September day, and my Mom had ice-cold Santa 2013_thumb[3]watermelon waiting for me. We sat and ate watermelon together, and enjoyed letting it cool us off, while we enjoyed just being together. I remember at Christmas the tree decorating, the baking  (done together), the trips to see Santa, and the anticipation of spending time together as a family on Christmas morning. But I don’t remember much about the actual gifts I received as a child. Check your own memories. I’m guessing you will discover the same…that nothing material compares to the memories of time shared.

5919778-christmas-recession-with-a-poor-nature-treeLet go of the idea that your Christmas has to be perfect. There are no perfect holidays, no perfect families, and no perfect gifts. We all fall short of that ideal. Let this holiday season be about giving the gift of your time, attention, love, and connection. That is, after all, the most priceless gift you can give.

Wishing you and yours joy and laughter, and the knowledge that being fully present with your loved ones is more than enough of a gift.

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