What Would You Do If You Had Millions of Dollars?

18s3nlek301j3jpgWhat would I do if I had millions of dollars? I saw a post on Facebook this morning about this very question, and it inspired me to answer that question for myself. If I had millions of dollars at my disposal, how would my life be different?

1. I would continue to work doing what I love. My therapy practice allows meimages (17) the opportunity to help others be more happy, healthy, and successful. I would continue to do this work, because I am passionate about what I do.  I do it because I believe in what I’m doing and I like watching people blossom into newer, more genuine versions of themselves. I might look for an opportunity to work in a larger office, or maybe invest some money in owning my own professional building. I know that I would continue to work as a therapist though, because it is this work that brings me joy.

edbf77333037a97173459a346fe6c71b2. I would pay for and take time to attend some classes that have to do with my therapy work. I just received an email for a wonderful class yesterday, that I would love to attend, but it is cost prohibitive. If money was not an issue, I would go, and I would apply what I learned to my therapy practice, and would help more people more quickly.

3. I would pay off our debt, and fix up our house. We would not relocate to a more posh neighborhood. My husband and I Aiiki-6636-Hydrofeelhave discussed this many times. We both enjoy living where we live, in a small town, in a comfortable home. We would enjoy our home more if we had the money for the considerable repairs and maintenance tasks it needs currently. I have a vision for what our home would look like if we could do everything we would like to do. If we had millions of dollars, we would have the best version of our current home. But we would stay where we are, because we are at home there.

Great_Blue_Hole4. I would invest some of the money in an account that is for travel. We would travel to far off and not so far places, and enjoy the adventure of getting to know this incredible planet we live on. I love traveling to foreign countries, because seeing how other nations manage issues like health care, traffic congestion, infrastructure, and community issues helps me to think more globally.  Travel helps me to understand that we are all citizens of this incredible planet called earth, and we all are accountable for how we use and abuse our home. We would check things off of our bucket list together, and become richer for the money we’d spent.

5. I would contribute to charities that I appreciate and believe in. In the small town of Hollister, there is a shelter for victims of domestic violence, called 8689374590_8a6191e983_bEmmaus House. I would like to be a benefactor for their work with victims of violence. I also would continue to contribute to Women for Women International. This organization helps women from war-torn regions of the world to learn skills that allow them to care for their families. I might create a scholarship fund for deserving but financially struggling middle class students. I know I’d want to help as many people pull themselves up from despair as possible. In many ways, money is only of value to me when I can use it to help others.  That seems to be a theme here, doesn’t it?

If you had millions of dollars, what would you do? Would you be any happier than you are now?

If you need help finding your path to happiness, give me a call: 831-214-8087. I will passionately and patiently help you find your way.


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