Moving In Day

I signed my rental agreement, paid my pro-rated rent, and became an official renter of a business office this morning. This isn’t the first time I have rented office space before. I had an office in Salinas soon after I became licensed, and I had an office in Hollister back in 2005, for 3 years. What has changed to cause me to be so excited about this office? I have changed. I’m more mature, settled, and focused. I have the support of my husband around making this business a priority.

I picked up the keys and walked into my new office earlier today. I looked around and saw white walls, green carpet, one window. Just an empty “executive suite”. But to me, I saw a vision of what will be in that empty room. I saw potential for healing, hope, and growth. I saw love and light and occasional tears. I heard occasional bursts of laughter. I know that therapy can induce both. I saw myself, successful and contented, taking the time to be fully present with each client, and giving them the best of what I have to offer. Not such an empty room after all.

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