Spring Fever

imagesSpring has sprung here in Hollister, CA. The birds are singing, my roses are blooming. The weeds are pushing their way around and wanting to take over my flower beds. My hay fever is in full-on sneezing my head off glory. What does all this have to do with this blog? Everything.

I’m suffering from writer’s block which is directly attributable to my wpid-20140316_100418.jpgserious case of spring fever. The outdoors beckons me and even when I say no to the call of the birds and the flowers and the weeds….my ability to come up with something inspired is…well….less than inspired. I don’t want to sound defeated here. I know that this is just temporary. I put up a firm boundary this morning and in my most adult voice, told myself: “You can’t go outside and garden, you must write a post for your blog.”

downloadAnd then I sat here and listened to the enchanting sounds of the birds singing their spring songs….and I looked outside and all I could think of to write about was the fact that I’d rather be out in my garden than inside writing. I remember being caught in the grip of spring fever when I was a child, in school. The teacher would open the windows on a beautiful spring day, and my mind would go right out the window, floating on the breeze….smelling the smells of spring….and lingering there….outside….not inside where I needed to be focusing and learning.

So, I’m still at heart that 10-year-old girl with a bad case of spring fever, images (1)longing to be outside enjoying a beautiful spring day. What’s wrong with that? Nothing. There was nothing wrong with it when I was 10, and there is nothing wrong with it now. I’ve learned that creativity has ebbs and flows, and my job is to ride those like a surfer rides the waves. I can’t force the words to come unless they are coming from a place of inspired, creative, and loving thought. So today, I’m sharing my reality with you. Spring fever has me in its grip. If you have spring fever too, I say, accept the longing to be outdoors and enjoy the cycling of the seasons. There will be enough time for everything.

images (2)Wishing you bountiful blossoms and beautiful gardens, and the ability to enjoy a serious case of spring fever!

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2 Responses to Spring Fever

  1. Jon Bowes says:

    “I’ve learned that creativity has ebbs and flows, and my job is to ride those like a surfer rides the waves.”

    This is wonderful. Something I’ve been learning recently is the futility of doing something without passion. Thank you for this post! Keep up the great work.

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