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How To Set Goals Effectively

January is a traditional time for goal setting. But many people set goals, then quickly forget about them when they realize that they have set unrealistic goals. So, how does a person set realistic goals? The first step is to … Continue reading

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Saving The World-One Person At A Time

Today I spoke with a teen who told me that she “wants to save the world.” ¬†She made me smile to myself, and I thought about how she and I share a common goal. I also feel a passion for … Continue reading

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How To Be Assertive When Communicating

Do you know how to be assertive when communicating? Many people confuse assertive communication with aggressive communication. Many people think that being assertive is the same as being pushy, or demanding. Nothing could be further from the truth. Sometimes people … Continue reading

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Communication Basics – Staying On Track

Basics rules of communication that help people stay on track are simple, but not easy. If that sounds familiar, it is because if you’ve read any of my blog posts, I’ve said it before. So today I’m talking about some … Continue reading

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