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Simply About Suicide

This post is simply about suicide. I tried to come up with a catchy title. It is such a profound subject, that catchy titles seemed to trivialize the reality. So, this is simply a post about suicide and what it … Continue reading

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My respect for Dr John Gottman

One of my favorite authors and experts on the subject of relationships is Dr. John Gottman. Dr. Gottman has written extensively on the subject of relationship longevity. His words are not just rhetoric, though. They are backed up by decades … Continue reading

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How Can I Tell If My Relationship Is Healthy?

How can I tell if my relationship is healthy? Relationships can be a source of much pleasure when they are healthy. They can be a source of much pain and frustration when they are unhealthy. But many relationships fall into … Continue reading

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Lake Tahoe, Natural Renewal

My husband and I took a trip to Lake Tahoe this weekend. We had never been there before, and we both wanted to see this famous part of our beautiful state. Well, I had driven up there for a wedding … Continue reading

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Dealing With Stress During Holidays

Last week was a very busy, stressful, but productive week for me. As I’ve been busy, I’ve been thinking about how my clients have been doing, and wondering how they are dealing with the stress that this time of year … Continue reading

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Over Entertained

Today’s subject is about one of my personal theories regarding why it is hard  for so many young people to find motivation to succeed.  Having said that, I would like to emphasize that I do not think I am old. … Continue reading

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Out Of The Blue….or Was It?

 This will be a somewhat personal post. I received a telephone call yesterday…out of the blue. The caller was from the Sonoma County District Attorney’s office. He explained to me that a former partner of mine had been charged with … Continue reading

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